Brad Armstrong

Born on September 23, 1965 in Toronto, Canada. Not much is known about his childhood and teenage years, but it seems he had a pretty regular life until going to college to study commercial art. In that period, he started working as a stripper in a club and in 1995 decided to enter the porn industry. That year he made his first movie and also created a movie with his own money. The effort was quickly noticed and in 1996 signed a contract with the East Coast Video Show, impressing with his revolutionary talent. Meanwhile, Brad continued his career as an actor and received lots of appreciation and awards. Currently has five AVN Awards, two for “Best Actor”, one of them in 2008 and the rest for being a top director. Is renowned for his sensuality and erotic skills. Brad also had a tumultuous personal life, like many porn stars, being married to one of the most famous porn actors of all time, Jenna Jameson, for five years. After the divorce, he married another porn star, Dyanna Lauren.