Savanna Samson

Born October 14, 1966 in Rochester, New York, Savanna Samson is only a pseudonym for Natalie Oliveros. She grew up as a typical American girl, enjoying ballet and later going to a ballet school. After a couple of years, she found those classes to be very useful as she became an exotic dancer at one of the most famous gentleman’s clubs in the United States. Savanna became quickly appreciated for her skills and extraordinary physical beauty. In 2000, her future husband told her that he always had a fantasy with a porn star, so Savanna secretly wrote Rocco Siffredi that she wanted to do a movie that she later offered to her husband in their wedding night. She was noticed by some big producers in this movie and was offered tempting contracts for a successful porn career. Savanna has been honored with six AVN Awards during the years, the last one in 2008 for “Best Group Sex Scene” and is considered to be one of the top actors despite her age. In 2001, her son was born and in 2006 she decided to create a wine company. Has numerous appearances on TV shows, including “Ed” and “Late night with David Letterman”.

Bree Olson

Born on October 7, 1986 in Houston, Texas, but lived most part of her life in Woodburn, Indiana. She has Ukrainian descent as two of her grandparents came from this county, but moved in the United States soon after World War II. After high school, Bree decided to go Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne in order to study medicine biology. In 2006, she took a break and decided to do porn. Her first appearances were softcore photo shoots and videos but continued with hardcore productions. Bree’s ascent is astonishing as she became one of the best rated porn actors in just over a year, receiving her first awards in 2007. At the 2008 AVN Awards, she received the “Best New Starlet” and “Best Anal Sex Scene” titles and specialists say that this is only the beginning of a great career. Plans to return to school and continue her studies while doing porn movies. An interesting fact is that she considers her Ukrainian grandmother to be her hero, as she survived a concentration camp during the period when Nazis dominated that part of Europe. Despite being short, she is very appreciated for her superb curves, big natural breasts and also natural blonde hair.

Brad Armstrong

Born on September 23, 1965 in Toronto, Canada. Not much is known about his childhood and teenage years, but it seems he had a pretty regular life until going to college to study commercial art. In that period, he started working as a stripper in a club and in 1995 decided to enter the porn industry. That year he made his first movie and also created a movie with his own money. The effort was quickly noticed and in 1996 signed a contract with the East Coast Video Show, impressing with his revolutionary talent. Meanwhile, Brad continued his career as an actor and received lots of appreciation and awards. Currently has five AVN Awards, two for “Best Actor”, one of them in 2008 and the rest for being a top director. Is renowned for his sensuality and erotic skills. Brad also had a tumultuous personal life, like many porn stars, being married to one of the most famous porn actors of all time, Jenna Jameson, for five years. After the divorce, he married another porn star, Dyanna Lauren.

Lacie Heart

Born on August 22, 1986 in San Luis Obispo, California. She was raised at a ranch by her parents and frequently went to ballet courses. When she was 19, Lacie was recruited by some agents while she was dancing at an amateur night in a strip club. In 2005, she made her debut in porn movies and participated in America Sex Star TV show and contest, presented by the legendary Jenna Jameson. Lacie Heart did not win but she managed to sign with Vivid Entertainment soon after. Then she met Scott Nails and she only wanted to perform with him so Vivid decided to break up the deal and she went to sign with Digital Playground. Since then, her career recorded success after success, being honored with two AVN nominations for “Best New Starlet” and “Best Oral Sex Scene” in 2007. It is clear that this is only the start of her career, Lacie being considered by most specialists one of the most promising actors of the new wave. It is interesting that she moved out of California to Arizona for a couple of reasons, one being the traffic. She intends to continue her studies and sees herself as a museum curator after her career as a porn star is over.

Amy Reid

Born on April 15, 1985 in Frankfurt, she is one of the many pornstars to have German origins despite being half Indian. Although born in Germany, she spent most of her teenage years in California where she moved with her family. When she reached 18, Amy Reid did not have any intention of getting in to the porn industry and went to college for two years in order to study mechanical engineering. It is not known how she decided, but she made her first porn movie in 2005 and has starred over 20 mainstream productions until now. Renowned for her extremely large breasts, Amy collaborated with several top male actors like Peter North. One of her activities is riding dirt motorcycles, despite risking the integrity of her body. She has won two AVN Awards in 2007 for “Best Anal Sex Scene” and “Best Tease Performance”.

Jenna Haze

Born on February 22, 1982 in Fullerton, California, spent the biggest part of her childhood with divorced parents. Has a Spanish, German and also Irish background. Until reaching junior high, she managed to study very well and obtained good grades, but soon after became interested in her sexual life and dropped out of school at the age of 15. She had to take a job in order to support her family, doing fast food, oil changing and even stripping. Because she was not making enough money, decided to get in to the porn industry after her boyfriend introduced her to a producer. At the beginning, Jenna worked for Jill Kelly Productions (JKP) and later decided to become a free agent. For a couple of years she only did solo or exclusively women scenes because of her relationship with a camera operator. Won her first AVN Award in 2003 and since then she has won other four, the last one in 2008. Appeared on several TV shows and an interesting thing is the fact that one of her movies was the first porn movie to be released on Blu-ray.

Tom Byron

Born in Houston, Texas on April 4, 1961 and started playing in pornographic movies in May 1982, benefiting from his teenager looks in the first roles. Some producers noticed his real talent and offered him big roles in their productions, making him very popular. It seems that he has filmed several gay scenes, though this information is still unconfirmed. In the early 90s Tom Byron became unhappy with his work and started looking towards a music career, creating a rock band while still doing porn. Starting with 1993, he remained focused on porn movies and also became a director in some productions. The first major awards started to appear at the AVN shows in 1992 and continued in 1999, 1999, 2000 and 2008, generally for “Best Actor”. He had a few retirement years but returned in 2005 with great success in mainstream movies. At 47 years old, he is probably the biggest male actor still in the industry, having more than 2000 appearances in porn movies.

Eva Angelina

Born on March 14, 1985 in Orange County, California, she has a Cuban, Irish, English and Chinese ancestry. It is said that her parents were rich people during her childhood, but lost everything when she was 13. Not much is known about her until turning 18, when she entered the pornographic industry after finding the advert in a newspaper. She almost gave up adult movies in May 2004 because she wanted to join the United States Navy. A few months later, in November Eva decided to make a come back and, since then, she won multiple awards, including two AVN Awards for “Best Female Performer” and “Best Solo Sex Scene” in 2008. She is renowned for wearing glasses during most scenes and because of her large bust, which has suffered several operations. A not very pleasant fact is that one of her boyfriends committed suicide soon after he found out that she decided to return to porn industry in 2004.

Briana Banks

Born in Munich, Germany from an American mother and a German father, Briana moved to Britain for a couple of years, but went out to live in Los Angeles. At the age of 16, she left her mother’s house along with her 14 year old sister. She started earning money being a secretary, a clerk, making pizza and later became a model, even making a cover for the “Teen” magazine. In August 1999, she got her first role in a pornographic production at the age of 20 and later began to call herself Briana Banks because of the two breast implant operations. The year 2001 brought her a Penthouse appearance, being Pet of the month in the June edition and later signed with Vivid Entertainment. Briana Banks is reported to have the longest legs in the pornographic industry and is also renowned for very large breasts. In one of the most interesting productions ever made, she starred along Jenna Jameson in scenes that won’t be easily forgotten. Despite having a not so productive 2007, she came back and won the 2008 AVN Award for “Best Actress”, overcoming heavy competition. It is said to be the second most popular porn star after Tera Patrick, having in mind that Jenna Jameson officially announced her retirement. She was also known to be a heavy drug addict, but recovered thanks to great support from the close ones.

Penny Flame

Born on February 22, 1983 in Colorado, she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Beatles inspire her pseudonym through their song “Penny Lane”, combined with her smoking habit. In 2001, she went to the San Diego State University wishing to obtain a diploma in business administration, but soon realized that she did not want to spend all her time working at a local fast food in order to pay her studies. A paper advert inspired her to get in to adult features, a job that could easily cover the study taxes. For the beginning, Penny did only solo photography and later got in to all girl scenes. The year 2005 was a turning point in her carrier as she won an AVN Award for “Best Solo Sex Scene” and decided to move on towards doing men scenes. Since 2005, she is also a director and has won other four AVN Awards, including the 2008 AVN Award for “Best Actress”. Known especially from the “Naughty America” series, she commonly uses dirty talk and has a full of fun attitude while filming. Penny Flame is easily recognizable because of the natural auburn hair and freckles. In her free time, she likes to paint and is an active supporter of marijuana usage.

Top 10 pornstars of 2008

1. Penny Flame
2. Briana Banks
3. Eva Angelina
4. Tom Byron
5. Jenna Haze
6. Amy Reid
7. Brad Armstrong
8. Lacie Heart
9. Bree Olson
10. Savanna Samson